IMAGINE members of your own audience doing impossible things, like duplicating James' thoughts, or jointly creating a six-digit number that later proves to be the answer to a complex math problem that was written down before the show even began!

a human lie detector who is infallibly able to identify the sole truth-teller among a group of liars.

IMAGINE memorizing the order of an entire deck of playing cards in less than 45 seconds.

IMAGINE a man with silver dollars in his eye sockets, covered with layers of Duct tape and a thick cloth blindfold -- yet able to read the size, shape, and color of any object held between his hands.
A show full of astonishing mind reading effects that approach the impossible!
James uses no props in this show except what he
can carry in a briefcase: a notepad, some pencils,
a blindfold . . . . After all, why should a mindreader need props?

Presented with
flair, humor, and intelligence,
James' show is perfect for conferences and
conventions, corporate events, sales meetings,
and college events.

For keynotes, James combines the amazement with
motivational messsages, customized for your organization,  that  will inspire your to audience to greater creativity, passion, and teamwork, to achieve the extraordinary!
Magic of the Mind!
James Warren's
Exciting and unique entertainment
for your next event!

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If you can really imagine any of the above, then you've only just begun to imagine what goes into making James Warren's show, or a James Warren keynote, an
explosive sensation for your next event!
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